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Security Services

Security Services

Enforcement through Reinforcement

Tactical Elite’s Security Professionals are trained to act as criminal deterrents by adopting the principles of the C.O.P (Community Oriented Policing) methodology. In essence, our Security Officers are encouraged to be approachable sources of information for patrons, residents, and employees. By making it known that we are available for all security needs, we foster a sense of community and safety among the public.

Security Services

Our Services Make Your Business Secure

With a combined fifty years of security and law enforcement experience, our management team recognizes that preventing crime requires tactical approaches rather than relying solely on accusations and traditional methods.

We prioritize the art of verbal judo within our organization, as it has proven highly effective in deescalating volatile situations.

Patrol Services

Enhanced Security Presence: Tactical Elite's Patrol-based Approach Establishes a Safe and Cohesive Environment

The strategic placement of our Security Staff is what sets Tactical Elite Protective Services apart, allowing us to confidently describe our security protective officer project as authentic. Our security professionals undergo training to conduct foot patrols in unpredictable patterns throughout their assigned posts. Additionally, we offer fully marked Law Enforcement-style Patrol Units to provide a strong visual presence as needed. We encourage our personnel to interact with your patrons and employees, fostering a cohesive work atmosphere and enhancing customer service within your establishment.

Close Protective Services

An effective and seamless blend of facilitation and security.
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Highly trained investigators who utilize state of the art equipment and technology.
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Providing elite protection for events, businesses, assets, and high net worth individuals across the globe without the middle man!